Wednesday, February 13, 2013

B-Boy Revisited

To Be A B-Boy
Took Work.
These Jerks
or Jokes,
Hide the Peace
That's Found
In the Sound
of the Perfect

Da Streets Noisy
Boys n Girls

Only Spraying
Was from Fire Hydrants.
Soup Cans
In the Hands of Babies,
Teenagers ...

Da Stages.
Da Peach Fuzz.
First Hugs.

Da Clipper Buzz
In the Hands of Pops,
Big Brother,
My Cousins,
My Boys ...

Da Kicks
Were Cleaned
Everyday Routine.

Da Discipline
To Be A B-Boy
Da Walk
W/ Your Crew
Was A March;

A Visual Machine
In Motion.
To Explode.

Are the Images
Are the Memories.


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