Monday, November 24, 2014

Can we talk?

Lets share a conversation
I want to heal our nation
No need to build
Just retrofit. 

There are plenty of
good foundations
Waiting for reactivation

A lot of good work
Has been accomplished
For us to read and implement.

Don't waste time thinking
It has to be from scratch
That takes time
You may not have

Just do it. 
Do it right!


Is it fair
That u see
What they don't see


That freedom ain't free?

How can I owe you
if I can't afford to pay me?

Big City

People with places to go.
Shit is expensive
You get shit for a dollar
Anything else costs more. 

People with places to go
Don't smile or say hello. 
I hear NO more than YES

Still I am blessed.
Your NO is like a booster shot. 
Injected with
City Sickness...

Build my resistance
And counter attack
With "Good Mornings" and "Hellos"

Thank you, Allah. 
For giving me the opportunity
Count my blessings.

Lets me be aware that I'm healing.