Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Severe @ Meeting of Styles Chicago 2009

Spider senses been tingling all week. Spoke with Dzine @ Risk's show at Beverly Arts Center (good work) and confirmed what's been going on with my work. Stated I should put down my beliefs. What I believe/see will not be user friendly.

I truly believe we are all slaves in one form or another. Either way we are all slaves. We've spent so much time and energy convincing ourselves that we are more than that, and we are, but not right now. Just slaves.

I thank Tom Torluemke for his work. As crazy as it looks, it challenges your moral/ethical fibers and forces you to continue the argument of beauty/sexuality/ and freakness.

All Praises due to Allah.

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Once you realize the game is fixed(and has been since Shakespeare's time) and that you are a slave, I don't think you are anymore. Once you are no longer worried about trying to control everything but surrender to the universe and live in the present, one encounters a state of being that is so frightening but exhilarating that you feel at one with God. It takes great courage to live this way and if one chooses to live like this, you should expect no mercy nor give none.