Thursday, August 20, 2009


Some of my Work during my Alma show @ IUN Gallery for Contemporary Art

What a couple of weeks since my last post! We have an addition to our family. Our niece Krystal will be moving in with us. I'm happy and grateful to Allah (God) for the blessed opportunity.Been prepping for upcoming events.

  • Aug 28th: Inkvasion @ CISA Gallery in Hammond, IN
  • Labor Day Weekend: Subsuface Outdoor Graffiti Exhibition in Indianapolis, IN
  • Sep 23rd thru Oct: Art Prize in Grand Rapids, MI
  • October 2nd: Heartland Graffiti @ Swope Art Museum in Terre Haute, IN

I'm still with CISA Galleries. However, Felix "Flex" Maldonado, has assumed the responsibilities of Director/Curator. I'm Asst. Curator. I like it better that way with my schedule.

Our youngest son starts college next week @ Indiana University in Bloomington. We're excited with him. Our oldest continues his pursuit in a degree in Constr. Management @ Purdue-Cal. Our youngest daughter still being creative and our oldest daughter checks in every now and then.

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